201031 Halloween: Mosaics

Newly unearthed Italian mosaics, found in pristine condition, reveal the stunning beauty of Roman art. The central floor decoration is incredibly handsome. Each cell, and there are many, achieves delicate balance in a particular way: light and dark, thick and thin, yin/yang, an intricate weave, symmetrical flowers, and simple dots and dashes. The eye movesContinue reading “201031 Halloween: Mosaics”

Coronavirus Quarantine

Governor Cuomo: We have a strict mandatory coronavirus quarantine for out-of-towners coming to New York. No one is permitted to make house visits. There will be no dinner dates with friends, no after-work parties with co-workers, no theater tickets with family, no broadway shows, nor dance performances. You won’t see anyone all day. There canContinue reading “Coronavirus Quarantine”