201031 Halloween: Old Photos

My studio wall in the early morning. You can see the mesh of the window screen giving the bright areas a gridlike pixelated feel to the image with some double images caused by reflections of light as the beams of sunlight get filtered through the leaves and the light starts to behave more like a liquid than a gas. It flows slowly enough to see the movement. It creates these double images when the light is thrown side to side as well as down through the foliage.

Here is an image of my studio wall in the sunrise hours of the early morning. In an almost dark room, this was a stunning picture to appear on a white wall suddenly. Digital cameras are extremely sensitive to low levels of light, a fantastic technology. The window-screen mesh gives the bright central area a gridlike, pixelated feel to the picture. Some double images are caused by reflections as the beams of sunlight get filtered through the thinning fall leaves that remained on the trees. The light behaves more like a thick liquid than an ethereal gas. It flows slowly enough that one can see its movement. It creates double-images when the light is thrown side-to-side and down through the foliage. The light beam is split just as if it had gone through a particular lens designed for that purpose. Do not mistake the image’s monotonal appearance as either a washed-out print or a monotone film. It is neither. This digital image is full-color and a faithful representation of the wall as it appeared.

You get the distinct impression that the image is like the image you would see in a microscope. The gridded light may give the totality a series of parallel light beams. When you have parallel light rays, you lose depth-of-field. There’s no way to see whether something is nearer or further away from you if the light doesn’t change. There is a very narrow depth of field, and you feel as though this is an image caught just as it came into focus. You are aware that it could go out of focus just as quickly. Finally, the image only remained another couple of minutes before the sun was high enough to fill the sky and supply enough light to overwhelm these subtle moments.

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