Voting Evolution

Let’s assume that the U.S.Postal Service is functionally broken and beyond repair by election day. Votes can not be collected by mail, can not be delivered, and certainly can not be counted on time, if ever. That is not a farfetched assumption. Everything the Democrats in Congress can do to stop, slow, and reverse 45’s efforts to sink the U.S.P.S. is being done but with little hope for success.

What happens after voters cast their ballots, but a significant portion of the mail-in votes goes unaccounted? The country would functionally stop, as we hold our collective breaths and wait for a decision. That situation might go on for days or weeks. In Gore vs. Bush’s case, it went on for twenty days until the Supreme Court stepped in and ended the legal debate. The Supreme Court would have to rule on a winner once again in the case of Trump vs. Biden.

Between the stacked conservative Supreme Court, the biased William Barr Justice Department, and a plethora of newly minted, right-leaning, Federal Justice appointees, it’s not difficult to see how that decision goes down. Looking at the Kavanaugh appointment, Mueller report, and impeachment dispositions, we can guess how that goes.

What do we do? Vote in person if you can.

Published by Allen Lubow

Inventor, critical thinking.

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