Trump’s Hypnotic Suggestion

During the Moscow edition of Trump’s Miss Universe Pageant, Mr. Trump was wined and dined by Vladimir Putin’s cronies under the pretense that Putin was somehow interested in a Trump-branded hotel in the Russian capital. Looking backward, even the pretext for the meeting is dubious at best. Nevertheless, Trump met with these oligarchs, each a multi-millionaire in his own right. Putin knew what window dressing was required to attract Trump and cover his ultimate intention. At those meetings, over three days, a master hypnotist did a party trick for Trump, which turned out to be Trump’s reprogramming. Trump became Putin’s puppet. Even if the scheme didn’t work, the deal was simple. In exchange for ignoring certain of Putin’s actions, Trump would receive wealth beyond anything he could otherwise hope for. That was the deal. Under hypnotic suggestion, the transaction was more binary — you do this, we’ll do that.

Trump’s reprogramming was not as difficult as it may seem. Putin’s genius was to choose someone like Trump. Trump did not care about Russian troop movements, the well-being of Americans abroad, or the oil price in Germany or NATO. Trump’s incentive for his turning a blind eye from Russia was in exchange for getting millions of dollars from everything and everyone he met. Even the FBI and Secret Service would pay to be his bodyguard. The hypnotic suggestions needed reinforcement every so often, more so as time went on. Support at Trump Tower in New York came during secret meetings there. The Russians purchased several apartments for the pretext of money laundering and further hypnosis. Later, during his presidency, when this was no longer possible, what could be accomplished by telephone was carried out when Trump and Putin could not meet in person. When those telephone calls became less and less effective, the hypnotic suggestions began to fade.

To complicate matters, Trump was having real cognitive problems and other health issues, which may have been chemical, physical, or emotional. A coronavirus suddenly struck the world. Neither Trump’s America or Putin’s Russia were immune. Whatever the cause, Putin was losing control, and Trump was lost. The good news: Trump will not be re-elected; he doesn’t know how to get that accomplished on his own, and Putin is unable to help. The bad news: he will not leave without kicking, screaming, and making people’s lives miserable.

Published by Allen Lubow

Inventor, critical thinking.

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