Covid-19 American Style

Mary and I went for a walk in the neighborhood today. No sooner do we leave our building and cross the street than we come upon a father with his little boy, neither of whom are wearing masks. Mary says to the father, “You should be wearing a mask.” To which he replies, belligerently, “Why, are you a scientist?” There was an argument that follows but it goes nowhere.

Mary turns back to me, and we keep walking. Moments later, we see another man and a woman sitting on a park bench ahead of us. The man is wearing a mask; only it is below his chin. “You should be wearing a mask,” Mary says.

“I have a mask,” the man says as he shows us the mask under his chin. “You shouldn’t live in fear,” he says to Mary. “I have antibodies,” he continues, whatever that means.

Mary replies, “I don’t know that. I’m wearing this mask for you. You should have respect for others.” Again, an argument to no avail. Mary is now practically in tears.

“I don’t want to live in a country with these kinds of people,” she says.

Covid-19 American style.

Published by Allen Lubow

Inventor, critical thinking.

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