Feel Safe Enough To Enter?

According to Erin Bromage’s excellent blog post, sufficient amounts of coronavirus from asymptomatic carriers can and will infect people indoors. How many? We’re about to conduct an experiment with the better part of 330,000,000 people to find out.

Apple and Google are working on a smartphone app to show (with permission) infections on a GPS enabled map. New tests from the University of Washington allow almost instant results. New York is implementing a testing and tracing task force 1000 strong. None of that is going to keep us safe.

If an utterly trustworthy sign appeared at the entrance of a restaurant reading:

124 people inside
     31 people tested:
          13 positive and recovered;
          2 positive
          15 negative;
          1 inconclusive
     93 untested; 60% were in high-risk areas in last 24 hrs

Would you feel safe to enter?

Bear in mind that I’m white, male, and 70 years old. It’s 46ºF outside; I’m a prime target at the ideal temperature for coronavirus. I’m also a complete coward.

Would you enter? I would not.

Published by Allen Lubow

Inventor, critical thinking.

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