The Tide Is Turning

Incremental baby steps, small indications that we’re going in the right direction, coming one after another in rapid succession, gives impression that the flood waters are receding.

Yesterday, the Senate Intelligence Committee reported that the Russians did indeed interfere in the 2016 elections. That came as a huge surprise, as this is a Republican controlled body. On the other hand this signifies a failed state where facts take four years to see the light of day.

Today Trump fired a scientist who defied his opinion of alternative medicines being prescribed to coronavirus patients. The scientist in turn is fighting back. Trump’s popularity numbers have for the first time in his presidency dropped to the low 30’s. Trump has failed to make headlines for a day or two.

Governors are much better than the Federal government in caring for their own. Trump is reportedly growing restless sequestering in place in the White House. Trump has avoided golfing and holding rallies since it was pointed out that he did that throughout the month of February when other countries were beginning to lockdown their people and quarantining their infected.

As the lockdown continues and people wonder if the pandemic ever ends, Trump and his enablers have taken the position that it is imperative that we reopen for the sake of the economy. As all Democrats, parents with children home from school, teachers home for the remainder of the school year, families of those who are sick with covid-19, Broadway stars sheltering-in-place, television celebrities doing programming from home, the left-wing media, the twitterverse, front line doctors and nurses, people of color, the hard hit countries of Spain, Italy, South Korea, France, Germany, Australia, China and two dozen other states, express why reopening so soon is such a bad idea, right-wing media doubles down on the message, “Get back to work.”

Coronavirus doesn’t care. Reports are emerging that had Trump started the lockdown two weeks earlier, 90% of the cases and deaths could have been averted. The richest country on earth was unable to muster the resources to produce and test for the bug, produce masks and gowns their doctors and nurses, or provide ventilators for the profoundly ill patients that had already contracted the disease. Who would have thought that the U.S. would be as sloppy and slow in our response as we have been. Oh, well.

Baby steps.

Published by Allen Lubow

Inventor, critical thinking.

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