Coronavirus Update

April 30, 2020. One thousand, six hundred, fifty-two (1,652) Americans died YESTERDAY from Covid-19. No matter how a write these numbers what they represent does not compute. There are 63,109 dead. Over one million seventy thousand cases of Coronavirus (1,070,000) have been reported in the United States.

There are stories of U-Haul trucks filled with dead bodies besides nursing homes rotting because they could not be cremated or buried fast enough.

I drove my car for the first time in seven weeks. I had to find someone to jumpstart the car. I parked the car on the street in the West Village since alternate side of the street parking is suspended and no one is driving these days.

There were rats running around the garbage on Cedar Street. I hadn’t seen a rat in a very long time. Speaking of wildlife, there was a picture of a falcon diving at a squirrel hiding under a park bench in the New York Times.

Jimmy Fallon does the Tonight Show from his home. Women are crying because they can’t get their roots dyed. Thirty million Americans have now filed for unemployment insurance. In some states the unemployed receive $600 per week as a pay check and Congressmen are worried that they so enjoy getting free money they won’t want to work anymore.

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