How Are You Holding Up?

“How are you holding up?,“ a friend asked on Zoom.

As soon as this coronavirus shelter-at-home lockdown began I said to myself, “Let’s see. I have to stay at home. I’m retired so I don’t have work that I have to go to. But now my type of work isn’t permitted outside of the house anyway. In fact, leaving the house is forbidden unless it’s to get food or go to the pharmacy. Shaving and getting dressed is optional. No visiting. No relatives. No shopping. No running errands. No getting visits from others. No one is going to suddenly drop by. Hmmm. OK.”

No fancy dinners in expensive restaurants. No buying late lunches out. No spending money frivolously. No going to the City Winery. No Joes’ Pub. No dance performances. No Irish drama revivals at BAM. That’s OK with me.

No subways. No city buses. No visits to the DMV. No queues at Starbucks. No sharing elevators with friends or strangers. No sharing any spaces at all. No taxis. No buses. No airplanes. Those are the worst. No rushing to airports. No trains to the plane. No black limos. No Ubers. No Lyfts. No taxis. I’m good.

“Are you kidding? I’m great. I’ve been practicing for this my entire life, “ I replied.

Published by Allen Lubow

Inventor, critical thinking.

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